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Artworks 5,000 -- 25,000

:The Summer Vibes

৳ 20,000.00



৳ 36,000.00

Artworks 25,000 -- 50,000

An Evening in Paris

৳ 25,000.00

Artworks 25,000 -- 50,000

A Golden Evening

৳ 28,000.00

Artworks 25,000 -- 50,000

Flood in Bnagladesh

৳ 30,000.00

photography collection

As a photographer, you can easily earn some extra cash (or even start a new career) if you know the right places to sell your photos online. Photographers of various skill levels are in high demand for their work, now more than ever. Everyone from large corporations, small and medium size businesses to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers and publishers buy and use photos regularly online. The days of stealing images are becoming numbered due to tools that can easily match pictures and their originators. For most legitimate firms the potential lawsuit is not worth it.  Thats great news for photographers looking for recurring income while safeguarding their work.

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Calligraphy collecton

Calligraphy has different meanings to different people. It really depends on your personal opinions. It can be a leisure activity, a job title, an artistic way to express, or a key to a new life.

Calligraphy is a craft requiring singularly few tools – the writing instrument, the ink and the writing surface are the only essentials. The art of calligraphy depends on the scribe having an understanding of the proper use of all three, on his knowledge of letterforms and on his skill and freedom in their use.

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Hashem Khan

Jamal Ahmed

Rokeya Sultana

Kanak Chapa Chakma